Proven Model

In 1993, Daniel K. Spitzer, MHV’s Chairman, co-founded the Plantation Timber Products Group (PTP) in western China. The concept was to produce a sustainable alternative to imported plywood that was made from endangered rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Over ten years, PTP grew to be a model social venture, engaging more than 700,000 farmers in growing trees. Backed by a number of leading international financial institutions, including the World Bank Group’s IFC and JP Morgan Partners, PTP invested over $200 million in creating world class facilities and opening 1,000 retails stores in China. PTP proved that a company could achieve impressive commercial success while maintaining an unwavering commitment to environmental and social goals.

MHV draws much of its corporate philosophy and practices from the proven model of PTP. To learn more about the success and contributions of PTP, click here.