Farmers: Our Partners

Rural communities are the lifeblood of the Bhutanese way of life. As traditional agriculture becomes less rewarding, many people leave their villages for perceived opportunities in urban areas. MHV hopes to stem this migration by creating new and meaningful opportunities for subsistence farmers, thus enabling families to remain intact and rooted to the land.

Partnership is the cornerstone of this venture. MHV will provide high-quality trees to large numbers of subsistence farmers with limited cash income. In return, farmers will care for the trees and harvest the hazelnuts, which they will sell to MHV at a guaranteed fair price.

Market Linkages are difficult to establish in mountainous Bhutan, especially without economies of scale. Bhutanese farmers have a few opportunities to access high-value customers. MHV will act as a significant buyer of hazelnuts and help Bhutanese farmers become participants in international markets.